Employment Law Compliance Reviews

Give your policies and practices a checkup.

At Ellis Buehler Makus, we manage risk by analyzing the compliance of your employment practices to identify potential pitfalls and threats to your business. With this analysis in hand, our proactive, scalable compliance programs offer practical solutions for achieving your goals while reducing risk and avoiding costly exposure.

We begin each compliance review by defining the scope of the project and determining clear deliverables and outcomes, across several major areas.

Focused legal reviews in the highest risk areas

California employment law presents countless potential pitfalls. To manage risk efficiently, we help employers prioritize their compliance investment. These areas include disability management and leave-of-absence processes, preparation and management of reductions in force, wage-hour analysis (including payroll practices, meal and rest periods, travel time, alternative work schedules, and more), and employment classification reviews, such as exempt status, independent contractors, temporary/agency employees, interns, and volunteers.

Analysis of contractual commitments

Employment implications arise in a variety of contractual contexts, including with temporary employment agencies, executive employment agreements, and contracts with HR service vendors. We help our clients understand and mitigate the employment risks inherent in these contracts.

Litigation readiness assessments

We have litigated lawsuits and claims as outside legal counsel, as well as managed litigation as in-house attorneys. We have a unique understanding of a case’s posture for litigation, mediation, or some other form of dispute resolution. We help our clients understand their options in light of the strengths and weaknesses of the claim, and craft a strategy that aligns with our client’s business objectives.