Workplace and Compliance Investigations

We’ll look into things for you.

The attorneys at Ellis Buehler Makus are experienced investigators with the distinct advantage of having handled and managed investigations both as external investigators and as in-house attorneys. We conduct our investigations according to the following principles:


To help employers meet their obligations to take timely remedial action in response to allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other misconduct, we start investigations as soon as possible after a request. We conduct and conclude all investigations expeditiously, enabling all parties to return to their focus on work.


Investigations, particularly of complex issues, can be expensive. We conduct efficient, quality investigations, without compromising the integrity of the investigation.


Impartiality is key to ensuring that an investigation is not subject to attack. Before agreeing to conduct an investigation, we confirm that we have no personal relationship with any of the investigation participants. We do not guarantee a specific outcome on any investigation and maintain an arms-length relationship with our client during investigations to maintain impartiality.


At Ellis Buehler Makus, we work closely with you to carefully define the scope of each investigation to ensure that we address all relevant issues. We create investigation plans that enable us to conduct thorough investigations in the least disruptive manner.

Finally, documentation is a critical part of many investigations. When requested, we prepare detailed investigation reports that describe our investigation process and make specific and factually supported findings. We pride ourselves in writing reports that are organized, clear, and unbiased, and that fully address all investigation issues.